Be a guest on the show!

Welcome potential show guest!

I would like to be able to have different voices on my show from around the community and that could be you!

I am in the East Coast time zone in the USA. This means we will have to select a time that works for both of us to record an interview or an episode spot.

This podcast is a “Safe for work” podcast , so please intend to keep your language clean and your topics safe for all audiences or veiled cleverly as not to get someone fired or scar a child for life 😀

Step 1: Pick the Guest Spot that suits your comfort level below!

Step 2: Use the Contact form to let me know you are interested and which option you are interested in.

Step 3: I will get back with you to see if our schedules/time zones can line up to record. When we settle on a day and time I will give you the TeamSpeak3 server info so you can get in and set up your mic and I can answer any questions you may have.

Step 4: We have fun and record! 

(I’m flexible, so I am also open to suggestions to tweak your guest spot in a way that you are comfortable with)

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